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MHI develops and installs locally made electronic medical records systems across the country at a very affordable rates and relentless support. To date MHI has provided EMR services to over 20 health facilities and thus making the EMR one of the most widely used in Tanzania. .

Product & Service / Electronic Medical Records

By year 2020, MHI wants to have installed the EMR in 100 facilities across Tanzania


The goal of this initiative is to ensure that health care providers can easily and smoothly administer their services at the click of a button. As well for health care services to be affordable we need efficient and effective processes that doesn’t require a lot of human personnel or human intervention to complete.

Growth Potential

Currently MHI serves over 10,000 members who are accessing various services under the health plan. In the next 5 years we are poised to serve 1000.000 Tanzanians across the country. With only 20 facilities using our home grown EMR we are set to expand this portfolio to 100 by year 2020. Our growth trend is very promising given the response we have received in the last four years. We welcome potential like-minded organizations or individuals to join us.

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