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Health insurance coverage is very low in Tanzania, as reports indicate that as much as 92% of Tanzanians do not have access to health insurance and affordable healthcare. Low insurance coverage leads to overreliance on direct payments to clinics upon receipt of care. This is a fundamental problem in the healthcare system as many people simply can’t afford the care they and their families require, or are delaying treatment until it makes more financial sense.

Product & Service / Mpango wa Afya

Kilimanjaro Health plan (Mpango wa Afya Kilimanjaro) is about according the low income earners access to health care in a timely and efficient manner through the risk pooling principle. Through comprehensive client education and mass sensitization the scheme changes the health seeking behavior for low income groups and encourages seeking early treatment as means to lower the cost of care. We also seek improve the service experience at the health care providers through installation and administration of low cost electronic health records systems.

Bussiness Models

Mpango wa Afya Kilimanjaro keeps technology at the core of its business flow while bringing together all key stakeholders in deciding and building health insurance schemes that are favorable to their situations. Mpango wa Afya Kilimanjaro rides on its established network of Distributors and sales points across the country to ensure Insurance is accessible to all plus its established network of high quality service providers who provides high quality services at affordable rates.


The goal of the Mpango wa Afya Kilimanjaro is to connect individuals in Tanzania to quality health care services and manage individual financial risk in a sustainable way.


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