Vision: “A world where low and middle level income earners can have access to health care and an improved standard of life”

Health cover designed with you in mind:

Individuals and families
Make sure you never have to feel the burdened of an unexpected medical bill. We offer 3 tiers of affordable health insurance options to suit your needs and budget.

Organisations and businesses
Health insurance is a great way to ensure the long term health and happiness of your employees. We work with organisations and businesses to help create health insurance schemes.

Hospitals & Health Centres
Improve the quality and efficiency of your healthcare provision with our custom built Electronic Medical Records. We provide the hardware, software and training to modernise your health centre.





Why Micro Health Cover?

92% of Tanzanians have no access to health cover and always have to pay out of pocket when in need of health care. This leaves them vulnerable to inferior services and at times no access to services at all resulting to self medication, witchcraft or divine intervention. Upon this realization Micro Health Initiative created this intervention that ensures that at an affordable amount per year low income earners can access health care at all times. Join Now!